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Conversations with One: Abstinence? That's HER Problem!

*Phew* It seems like it's been ages since we last had a proper conversation! :-D

How are you lovely people? Thanks to all those who asked after the panel.. They are great! albeit a bit swamped lol.. But it does feel great to be back!

Do you know, we have been having this particular conversation for the past 3weeks! lol.. I believe it is worth the time.. Remember, we only just kick-started the discussion and we have not by any means covered every aspect therefore we welcome you joining us via the comment section! Please feel free to express yourself.. Deal?

If it's your first time here, you are most welcome!! You can read the introduction to the series HERE and also read previous convos HERE.

This week's topic goes thus:

Many times, when we talk about pre-marital sex and chastity, a lot of emphasis is placed on the importance for young ladies. However, we know as Christians that the rule applies to both male and female. Some people have said that it is more difficult for men to abstain.. What do you think, true or false? Also, why do you think so? Finally what ways can a man help himself to remain celibate until marriage..

Ok, without further ado, let's proceed..... xx


Ms PYT: Hello all, guys should be able to do justice to this topic.
A lot of emphasis is placed on young girls about pre-marital sex because they bear the brunt of it. There's a saying in Yoruba "Ti idi ba baje to ni idi lo mada" literally, it means - if the buttocks get spoilt, it's the problem of the owner.
Spiritually,the rule applies to both male and female. Anyone who wants to honour God will abstain from pre-marital sex but as we all know, body no be firewood. There are practical things one can do to make it possible.

Image result for body no be firewood
..But body can be put under submission.. Yes? :-)
MissMe: I agree with Ms PYT, the same "rules" apply to both men and women. Even outside Christianity there is still that bias against women when it comes to sexual relations. There are so many terms for women who sleep around (prostitute, whore etc) but men are just seen as players. More importantly God does not play gender when it comes to premarital sex. It'd do us a lot of good if equal emphasis is placed on both genders to abstain as God requires us to. All of our bodies are holy temples and we should keep it that way!

Ms Angel: I don't have much to say, as a lot has been said already. But I do agree that there isn't as much pressure on men to save their virginity till marriage. In many parts of the world, I believe it's because there's a link between losing virginity and reaching manhood. Socially, guys may be perceived to be weak, or not yet on a level of 'ultimate maturity' if they abstain.

Miss PYT was spot on, as men can, in practise, find it easier to run away from unplanned pregnancies but women don't have that luxury of foregoing the consequences (even if they get an abortion, it can still haunt them). 

Image result for pregnant woman chasing man
When the tides turn...
Well, the Bible does say that we are in the world and not of it. And I've heard a few experiences from male Christians who didn't really hear from home what it means to be "a man", so they learnt from others and society instead.
And I believe so much in the family unit, (physical and spiritual) as it can make such a powerful impact in raising godly generations.
So I would encourage men and fathers in Christ to continue to teach the next generation the bold truth about it... That it pays to be sometimes 'socially different', but still on route in the faith.

Mr NumeroUno: There is no other way to put it, call it whatever you like, it is known as fornication, and it is a high risk too expensive to afford. (Male or female)

One: .. And Mr NumeroUno goes in hard, no mincing words! Go ahead please..

Mr NumeroUno: Okay, so I recognize it as what it is, but how do I practically help myself?

1. RENEW YOUR MIND through the Word of God. DAILY!!! .

2. What do you watch? and what do you listen to? If you see what you shouldn't see, remove your eyes, and look in another direction. I had this cousin, who would even begin to speak in tongues right there and then (lol) He doesn't care. Check the gateway, guard your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life.

3. Fruit of the Holy Spirit. For those who say, marry so you don't sin. Na lie o! More than checking the sinful lust of adultery, God expects you to have self control, and to yield not to temptation, for yielding is sin. Flee youthful lost, run away from sin. 

Image result for run away from sin
Run, Run, Run! Now is the time to RUN!!
Because, if a man's wife dies?
Will he begin to sleep around and expect God to understand?
Even if he will remarry, will you remarry in the next three weeks?
or Will you hold yourself?
If a man's wife is incapacitated in the hospital for a season? What do you do? Cheat on her? SELF CONTROL

This is learnt first as a Youth, as a single, and also exercised from time to time even within the marriage bed. That is why fasting and prayer for couples is also important. Because like other physical exercises, practise makes perfect. When you have learnt the art of restraint even in the time of abundance, you will then be able to exercise it, in the time of lack. 

One: This is so true! It is important to practise self-control, because many times in life, you may not have control of the situation or circumstance.. What do you do then?

Mr NumeroUno: Yes indeed! Just a few more tips to help... COMPANY. Watch who you walk with. The companion of fools shall be destroyed. If you are surrounded by fire, you will be hot. If you stay close to the refrigerator you will be cold. 
Finally, ask the Saviour to help you, and admit you cannot help yourself, and he will see you through. Anybody that thinks he stands or is infallible should just know that, in the end, it is only the grace and help of God, that makes it achievable. 

Image result for man prayer
Very importantly, ask Jesus for grace.. It's possible, and you don't have to do it alone
Mr Motivation: I am not sure that I totally agree with the notion that it is harder for men to abstain from sex. My reason being that, where one has engaged in any sexually intimate act, I feel it may be hard for such a person to resist subsequent opportunities given the pleasure obtained prior and this difficulty in resisting also applies to the female gender as well. So I believe that the ability to abstain is anchored solely on self control and discipline; which can be expounded in different dimensions such as
1. Asking for the Grace of God
2. Commitment of both the male and the female on the subject of celibacy.
3. Having an accountability partner, someone who both parties revere, preferably mentors or a spiritual head.
4. Setting of boundaries as to curfews, limit or extent to which both can cuddle (lol) because "it is from clapping that one starts dancing" etc.
5. Setting a likely timeline to consummating the relationship into marriage so as to enable them have something to look forward to; a time when they can both explore their sexual.....(I don't know the word to use)

Image result for planning your wedding
Set a likely timeline where possible.. It gives you something to look forward to!
One: Lol.. Thanks a lot Mr Motivation.. Nice one!

Mr Agbalagbaski: I agree with what Mr Motivation has written. In addition to this is to not to take it a month at a time, but to take it a day at a time!

My preference are as follows
Ask for grace from God especially if both are/have been sexually active
Pray that God will kill the urge until marriage
I don't know about telling your spiritual head or mentor about whether you've had sex, in my opinion this is dependent on the depth of relationship and also who's mentor really is the person.
The question is are you comfortable telling your spiritual head you're having sex, if not you need to build a relationship to that point
Minimise the time spent alone especially in enclosed environment, or after dark
Watch what you both watch and listen to
I agree with his points in no 4 and 5 too!

One: Thanks Mr Agbalasgbaski and to all you men of valour *smiles* for your useful tips.. I guess it would be a great time to throw the question out.. What's your take on this? Do you think there's more emphasis on ladies more than guys to abstain from sex before marriage? Also, please share with us, what are practical ways that can help a man who has made that decision to wait until marriage to be sexually active?

PS Frances Okoro of is currently running a Chastity for Men project HERE. It's a definite recommended read! xx


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Music and Me: Abide With Me - God's Country

Hello everyone!!

It's another beautiful Wednesday and I thank God for Wednesdays :-) 

We started the Music and Me series earlier this year and of course like every other series on the blog - Waiting and Loving It, Married and Loving It, Chronicles of Sebastian, Dear Daddy, Conversations with One.. etc, it is God-inspired... I believe that very much because the way He has taking the wheel (as with other blog-projects) is amazing!!

Since we started the series, I don't think I have published a personal one, yet when we started off, I was ready to introduce all my favourite worship songs and tell you the story(ies) behind them lol.. Alas, God had a greater and far better plan! Because, just before I put fingers to typewriter or start choosing a song in my heart, someone sends an email with their entry for the week! 

It is always a pleasure to read the AMAZING testimonies of different people (many of whom I am yet to meet), when they send their stories. A number of them have moved me to tears, not because its sad, far from it - more because I stand amazed at how awesome, amazing and oh so faithful our God is!!

I have mentioned previously that I believe that there is immense power in music.. Particular spirit-filled music - it can bring hope, it can inspire joy, it can light up a dire situation, it can bring healing, it can usher in the presence of God, it can be used as an expression of worship and it can bring comfort and strength...

... And that's what today's Music and Me post is about. I don't think I will forget this particular email in a hurry as I admire the strength and grace of this lovely lady, Adenike who shares her expression of worship with us today.... Be blessed xxxx


I am HAPPILY married with a child. However, early 2014, we lost what would have been our second child to stillbirth at 20 weeks. I was distraught to say the least. Up until that time, my life had been a roller coaster of one testimony after another, I only just need to desire it and I would have it. I cannot put into words how lost I felt at the time and I won't even try because words will do no justice.

Fast forward to some months after that loss when I discovered I was pregnant with twins! It was a pleasant shock, as neither myself nor my husband had a history of twin gestation in our families. This was God compensating us and restoring all we had lost as He promised. Family members could not hide their joy and we all held our breath in expectation. I suffered hyperemesis gravidarum, but it was for a cause, so I bore it all.

Sadly, in the 23rd week of the pregnancy, I went into premature labour and all medical efforts to stop the labour proved abortive, prayers were said in every corner, I prayed to God and prayed some more until I became so weak. My heartbeat was practically jumping, my sisters were so scared at how they could see it.

Eventually, I had to be wheeled to the delivery room and as I laid on that couch, in distress, in terrible labour pain to deliver children whose lungs I knew were not developed enough to sustain life outside the womb, in a dire situation further compounded by the medical facility inadequacy of the country (although this particular hospital is the best I've seen here), two songs came to mind and I screamed them out. God knows I did, and the Gynaecologist looked at me in unbelief.

First one was 'Jesus in times of despair' (albeit I sang it in Yoruba) and the second one was 'Abide with me, fast falls the eventide'. They are both hymns (which I LOVE!) and I had loved the second one for a while prior to this period and you would always hear me singing it, but at that time, much more than any other time in my life, I needed God! I was afraid that the losses would affect my faith and take me away from God and whilst other things around me were falling, I still wanted that one sure foundation to remain, so I sang and cried and sang.

God abode, through all my useless utterances, through the hurt and the pain, He was there. I didn't always see Him and I wasn't always looking for me, but He was there, He gave me words of comfort, He surrounded me with people that felt the pain of the loss as much as I did, if possible. I am not totally free of the pain now, but it doesn't consume me anymore. I am standing! I am living! I am hopeful and waiting for a better tomorrow because He abode with me in my darkest hour and He will abide with me in the joyful days ahead as He has promised.

Listen to the song and find God in any situation you might be 'cloud and sunshine'.


Wow... I don't know what to say, but I can read Adenike's story many times over and it would still 'speak' to me deeply and in diverse ways.

Her testimony is quite different from the usual, yet very powerful. We have shared on the blog in the past about praising God when all is well, and when all is not quite well. We have discussed the sacrifice of praise - Praising God from a very difficult praise, yet praising anyway because He says we should and He is very deserving.

Adenike's testimony is a great example of a sacrifice of praise - when you face a huge loss and yet still desperately hold on to God. To be honest, it is easier to walk away, to call it a day, to abandon your faith because you feel so let down, so badly disappointed.

This might just be someone reading this right now.. However, like Job and like Adenike, may we encourage you to trust God, to hold on to Him even more tightly than ever before? We might not understand the reason why some things happen, but we must trust implicitly in the faithfulness and goodness of God. Even as I write, I can imagine how difficult it must be, so I don't say it lightly at all... But, God is the only sure foundation we can rest on, in and out of season.

You might have said words fuelled by anger and disappointment, or perhaps have strayed far, far away, it's never too late to come back home. God loves you sooo much and He never left you for a second. Indeed, His promise to you and I is that He would never leave nor forsake us.

For anyone whose faith is being tested or shaken, I pray that God will meet you at the point of your needs. May He show Himself faithful in your life and restore fully to you every loss. May He strengthen you and give you the grace to hold on through the storm and stand firm on His word. After all, may you come out very victorious in Jesus name.


Would you like to share yours too? Remember it could be a song that struck something in you when you listened to it, it could be a song or worship that you used during a down-time in your life and it made a huge difference, it could be a song that takes you into the 'God-zoneee', it could be a song that helps you express what mere words cannot quite convey, it could be a song that brings a zest and zing to your heart and steps whenever it comes up!

Each song will be accompanied by a story, introduction or reason why it is the choice of the week..

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Music and Me: Whom Shall I Fear? - Chris Tomlin

It's Wednesday!!

Honestly, 1 + The One is not just a music blog :-) We definitely love music but we also discuss relationships, love and more loveee lol. I'm sorry I haven't posted a Waiting and Loving IT or Married and Loving IT feature in a while... We will be back with those series by God's grace!

Alrighty, how was your week? What did you get up to? Well for me, God did so many things for me and my family that I can't help but screammmmmmmmmmmmmm out in praise to His holy and wonderful name! Indeed, let me just say this, no matter how long you have trusted and waited, keep holding on (this might sound cliche), but I tell you, God is very faithful to His word and when He does bring answers to your prayers, it would be perfect - perfect answer, perfect timing, perfect joy!

Alright, on to today's Music and Me feature! Now, this was sent in by a very dear blogger-friend with many names :-) Tommie Arike Akibo of She's a woman who clearly demonstrates her love for God and relationship with Him through her blog and it is refreshing to read her posts!

Ladies and gentlemen here goes....


I was in the shower as my early morning routine is to think through things and sing while I am in there. I am going through a phase right now where I have so many life changing decisions to make and on this fateful day, different thoughts of 'What if' just bombarded my mind and I started panicking.

'What if it doesn't work out'
'What if you're making a mistake'
'What if you end up really broke'
'What if....'

And just right there out of nowhere came the song:

''I know who goes before me
I know who stands behind
The God of angel armies
Is always by my side¨

I meaan. This was clearly the Holy Spirit reminding me to calm my nerves. I didn't even have the song on my phone or remembered who sang it. I had to just remember that line to type in Google to find out more about the song and listened to it all through the day.

I am reminded that God is ever faithful. A couple of days before then I had been praying with Psalm 27 and when I was reading through again, verse 1 says exactly what this song also say.

''Whom shall I fear?''

This restored the confidence I had in God, I was looking waaay too long at the circumstance and forgot that I had someone before me and behind me. Truth is, as long as we are in his will, nothing formed against us shall stand. No circumstance can over-power us, God is our light and salvation, He is the stronghold of our lives.

Really? Who shall we fear?


Do you know how much I love Psalm 27? No, You don't lol.. It is a very beautiful Psalm indeed, and would certainly boost your confidence in the God that we serve! It's a very healthy boast in the Lord and in His power to protect, provide and perform!

I also share another love with Arike, which is my one-man choir and 'church service' + meditation in the shower! I'm sure a number of you can identify with that! I am immensely productive while I'm there, infact I dare say that many great ideas have sprung from my 'time of fellowship' in the shower (haha). Honestly,  there's something beautiful about lifting up your voice (like you just don't curr!), singing at the top of your voice (or croaking along), in adoration of the King of Kings.. It's such a beautiful thing that the presence of God is not restricted, you can fellowship with Him wherever and whatever time of the day!

So don't hold back, go ahead and scream his praises in the bathroom, on the toilet seat, in your car, during a walk, while you grocery-shop, while someone is keeping you waiting, while on the bank queue... ANYWHERE! :-D


Would you like to share yours too? Remember it could be a song that struck something in you when you listened to it, it could be a song or worship that you used during a down-time in your life and it made a huge difference, it could be a song that takes you into the 'God-zoneee', it could be a song that helps you express what mere words cannot quite convey, it could be a song that brings a zest and zing to your heart and steps whenever it comes up!

Each song will be accompanied by a story, introduction or reason why it is the choice of the week..

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Chronicles of Sebastian: We Celebrate YOU!!

Guess who?!
Today we are taking a break from our weekly Conversations with One to celebrate a very special friend of the blog and a young man that is no stranger to many of the regular readers, particularly for those who followed his very popular series - Chronicles of Sebastian.

The famous picture! lol
I remember telling the story of how I 'met' the wonderful Sabba Sabba as he is fondly called and till today, when I think of what I refer to as the divinely orchestrated meeting with this great great friend, it still amazes me and I am reminded of how God answers our 'Big' and 'small' prayers.

Long after that email, Sebs has continued to be a solid friend. A man who clearly loves God and demonstrates it in many ways.

Sebs, I don't know how to thank you enough for being a gracious and kind-hearted friend (This is further evidenced by the friends you seem to 'collect' from places you've visited or lived around the world, and you still maintain the friendship so well!).

Friend to many!
Here's wishing you the happiest of birthdays and praying that God will richly bless you, grant you your heart's desire and make this a very special year for you indeed in Jesus name. May you continue to delight yourself in God and may He continue to glorify Himself in your life.

Have fun, (I know you will!), dance (I know you can, lol) and celebrate your day in style!

God bless and lots of love.

Sabba Sabba!

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Music and Me: Be Still - Don Moen

Hello everyone!!

How are you this beautiful middle-of-the-week?

How has your week been so far? Mine has been busy busy busy and I need a holiday!! Any takers?

Anyways, today is not about holiday destinations, it's a Wednesday! Wednesdays are Music and Me days here on the blog and it gets me excited every single time. I am immensely blessed reading the different individual testimonies/stories behind a particular song.

Today is no different as we feature a multi-talented artist - spoken word, poetry, prose, blogger and so much more! He blogs at and is a good friend and huge supporter of 1 + The One, his comments are definitely worth reading.

Well, without further ado, let me step aside to allow the lyricist take the stage, doing what he does best..

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Solomon Adesanya aka St Rhymes as he tells us his own story behind this beautiful song by Don Moen simply titled, Be Still.


How I wish there was a device that could remind me of these words, 'Be Still' from Don Moen's song, every minute.

There have been moments in my life, when I thought life was over, the worst was bound to happen. Moments I cried till my tear tank was empty, moments when sleep divorced my tired body 'cos of a worried mind.

During one of those moments, on a Sunday morning, I was in church  and our Choir leader did a Special number "Be still". Mehn I thought he was talking to me, that song stayed glued to my mind like an adhesive. I was having trouble at my office (a finance house) then in 2008. I had collected a cheque from a client who was paying the company for a loan he took. When it was time to remit the cheques for the day, this particular cheque was missing!

Days passed and our Accountant began to query me. Now it is the weekend, I must provide the cheque or a cash equivalent on Monday, and my MD is now aware! I tried not to worry but I couldn't sleep any longer!!!

So after the song rendition on Sunday, lines from the song continued to roll up in my heart. Up on till Monday as I prepared to go work, I kept humming

"When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with you above the storm
Father you are King over the floods
I will be still and know you're God"

I got to my office and went to a colleague's table to check an envelope that got my attention. Lo, the missing envelope was resting there!
I couldn't shout, I just kept singing...that evening I bought a worship collection CD, with that song (Be still by Don Moen) on it.

Now I know that worry doesn't bring any change, not even 1kobo. Whenever issues like this arise, I remember this experience and practice Phil 4:6-7 "..Be anxious for nothing".

When we stop worrying, God starts working. My peeps, like Don Moen I say "Be still!"


Amen! And again I say Amen!

The first time I heard this song was during service in church as well like StRhymes and just like him. the words of that song was felt deeeeep.. It is such a reassuring song! I went on to look for it and the version I am familiar with is that of Hillsong! Oh how I love the song!

Indeed, worrying does not solve problems, however laying them at the feet of Jesus does.

You know, last night in church, I was reminded of what it means to put my trust in God. One of the contributions that touched me the most was when someone said that an evidence or demonstration of absolute trust is when you have no 'Plan B'.. That means, I have such belief in your ability to deliver that I don't need to have a back-up plan. 

Indeed, the wonderful thing about our Awesome God is that He is more than trust-worthy. He has proven His faithfulness to His children time and time again. 

Are you facing a seemingly impossible situation? Or a problem that seems to be way beyond you like St Rhymes was? Here is a gentle reminder that there is absolutely nothing too difficult for God to do! Mark 10:27 says that it may be impossible for man but with God NOTHING, absolutely nothing is impossible.

With that assurance, you are encouraged to be still and know that He is God.

PS You can also follow StRhymes on Twitter @strhymes for his very inspirational series and tweets on all-round development.


Would you like to share yours too? Remember it could be a song that struck something in you when you listened to it, it could be a song or worship that you used during a down-time in your life and it made a huge difference, it could be a song that takes you into the 'God-zoneee', it could be a song that helps you express what mere words cannot quite convey, it could be a song that brings a zest and zing to your heart and steps whenever it comes up! 

Each song will be accompanied by a story, introduction or reason why it is the choice of the week.. 

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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Conversations with One: The Miracle Worker!

Today's Conversation with One is a very special one...

As you know, Conversations with One is a summary of actual discussions that take place among a group of friends. We start the discussion and then we open the floor for you to join in!

Now this week, we had a spectacular opener when one of us shared an experience that happened to her over the weekend and it changed the course of the week's discussion as we thought it was only appropriate to turn this week's post to a Praise Fest!

Nubian Princess was saved in what could only have been God's miraculous intervention and when shared with us, we thought it would be a great opportunity to take out time to count our blessings and truly acknowledge the faithfulness of God to us all..

We encourage you as well to share with us and 'shout it from the rooftops', an experience that you know that only God could have saved you, or an experience where God proved His faithfulness to You!

We know there are innumerable incidences so we look forward to hearing yours.. However, first of, NubianP sets the pace with this testimony that makes you just want to exalt the name of our Excellent God!

Image result for miracle working God
Oh yes He is!
NubianPrincess - Before you even read this (it's a tad long), please stop, take a second and just say Thank You JESUS!!! You see, sometimes, we don't realise just how much GOD protects and shields us from, and sometimes, because things aren't going the way "we" planned, we may get a bit more caught up in the asking part of our prayers that we forget to just stop and give Him thanks and praise... So on that note, THANK YOU, THANK YOU JESUS!!!

Last week Thursday night into Friday morning, I couldn't' really sleep and so I spent the night recounting the goodness and faithfulness of God in my life amidst a lot of tears! :) In the morning, prompted by the Holy Spirit, I started a testimony walk down memory lane on a Whatsapp group I belong to. I asked people what the greatest miracle they had received from God was and I shared two miracles from 2008 - divine healing and divine deliverance from a near-fatal car accident. We all shared testimonies and worshiped the LORD for His awesomeness towards us!

Last week Sunday, I had gone to Church, after which I decided to stop at Chocolat Royal to buy some pastries to take home (My aunties had all arrived the night before and the house was full). I bumped into some friends at Chocolat Royal and we spent the next hour catching up and taking a couple of pictures as we hadn't seen in over a year!!

Around 12:15 or so, I entered my car, placed a call to my mum to tell her I was on my way home and I set off. At a point I started singing "We are saying thank you Jesus" over and over. I was going about 80 km/hr.

When I was about 7 minutes away from my house, the tyre of a Range Rover car (two cars in front of me) burst and the driver lost control of the car, the vehicle behind him swerved onto my lane to avoid a collision, I swerved off the road to avoid the vehicle hitting me and entered a ditch, at the same time, another car hit me from behind and I lost control of my car.

I don't know how many times my car spun round, at one point, it tilted and almost somersaulted, I slammed into the car from the front, another car hit me from the side, and my car just kept on spinning round and round.

Eventually the car stopped in another ditch facing the opposite side of the road (as if I were driving against traffic).... I was shaking so hard and I was in complete shock - I couldn't feel anything or even move. It took several attempts from passers-by who were knocking on my window and shouting to get me to unlock the doors.

But the GOD that we worship is faithful! I walked out of the car without any physical injuries (just a lot of pain and swelling from all the knocking around), even the damage my car sustained is minimal compared to everything that had happened!

I can't say too much more, but please, abeg, can somebody shout a big HALLELUYAAHHHHH to the KING of Kings and the LORD of Lords for sparing my life, for giving me peace throughout the ordeal, for raising helpers for me - people who were protecting me and fighting for me and sorting everything out, for covering me completely with mercy and favour, for not letting those pictures be my last pictures, for not letting that call to my mum be my last call, for not letting Church that morning be the last time I was in His house, for not letting me die a sudden, painful death, for sending His angels to keep watch over me and to guard me in all my ways... THANK YOU JESUS!!! Father, I worship you!! THANK YOU DADDY!!! I give you allll the glory!! Faithful GOD... Awesome Father!!! Baba, be thou exalted, adored, glorified and magnified both now and forever more, in JESUS name, amen!!

And on that joyful and joyous note, I pass on the baton.... PRAISE GOD!!!

Mr John Nash: Indeed God is awesome!! I'd just like to share a little bit of the numerous things that God has done for me in the space of just one year! You know, just like Nubian. as I reflected on it on Monday morning, I couldn't help the tears that flowed as I was saying to myself "I know I haven't done anything to deserve all these wonderful blessings".. But I thank God for His faithfulness. I celebrated my birthday recently and God in His mercy surprised me with 2 wonderful birthday presents. Things I had been praying about - 1) I got offered admission into a very competitive course at one of the best universities - it could only have been God 2) Earlier this year, I received a notice from my Landlord that I had to vacate his house in one month's time. I was thrown off and didn't even know what to do. Well, to cut the long story short, God intervened and turned what was a disappointment around to being a testimony, as He opened the door for me own a home.. So from being potentially homeless to being a home-owner. It could only have been God! I give Him ALL the glory!

Image result for miracle working God
When God steps in, ANYTHING can happen! #MiracleWorker
And yes, we pass on the baton to you.. Is there an experience you'd like to share about God's faithfulness and saving power? Please do so by leaving a comment.

You see, there is something so very powerful about sharing testimonies, and I believe that as we all share our testimonies on this forum, the LORD will continue to prove Himself faithful in our lives, all our testimonies shall be made permanent and we shall have many, many, many more reasons to testify to the faithfulness of our GOD in JESUS name, amen!

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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Music and Me: Ebezina - Preye

Wednesday is becoming one of my favourite days on the blog, Yeahhhh!!!!!

It is always with delight that I receive entries for Music and Me Wednesdays! I love reading people's testimonies and expressions of love and gratitude to God through the medium of music.

It's amazing how a seemingly simple song could provide comfort and deep relief at very difficult times, or even healing for the sick. Music can be a balm to hurting hearts and a mood lifter when one is down. Also, music is a great way to express worship to God... (Have I told you how much I loveeeeeeeeeeeee music??! lol).

Alrighty, this post is by a lovely young lady who blogs at - A new blog treasure I have discovered.. You should visit also!

Well, even though from her name, Mobolaji is a Yoruba name, her song choice is from a different culture. - See... Music knows no cultural barriers (You could listen to a deep song in a foreign language and it would have the power to reduce you to tears!).. I remember the first time I heard the song 'Mma Mma' by Frank Edwards, even though I didn't understand most of what was being said, I fell in love with it before I asked for it to be translated.. But I digress..

Ladies and gentlemen, with utmost pleasure, I present to you Mobolaji who takes us on her journey of 'Music and Me'.. Enjoy and of course, be blessed! :-) xxxx


As I write this, “Ebezina” is playing in the background and a classmate says “Bolaji is in the spirit” because I lifted my hands.

I remember the very first time I heard this song. It was after a vigil and I had decided to spend the night with my friends instead of sleeping in church because my place was far. The person who played it from the back of the church bus played it once; just once, but I already knew I had to get the song. The beginning resonated with me through the night. “He’s the same God, who was there for you in the midnight hour. He’s the same God who is able to wipe your tears away…”
When I asked for the song before leaving, someone said Ahn ahn, that old song! I’m tired of it sef.” As I listened to it after I got home, I wondered how someone could call a spirit-filled song old! The song basically was on repeat from then on.

I did not understand the part of the song that was in Igbo (Nigerian language), but what I can say is that my spirit understood it. The song came to me at a time when I basically did not always know where the next money for school or church transport was going to come from. Someway, somehow I would get just about what I needed on the exact day that what I had was going to finish. It brought to life that saying that when you come to a point where it’s only God you have, then do you really know that He’s enough!

Every time I listen to this song, it encourages me to remember all the times that God has come through for me. And I tell you, remembering things that seemed overwhelming that God has brought me out of always stirs my faith to keep on keeping on.

I remember just before my current semester in school, how the dollar rate shot up and we basically had a family meeting on what we were going to do about my schooling in Ghana. The devil tried to tell me I was not going to be able to finish schooling here but will have to go to another university - The third time! I replied that I was not going to shed a tear about his lies.

‘Ebezina’ and of course the word came in very handy. I thank God I didn't waste my time crying about it because within 5 days, my school fee was complete with a little extra. After that did I let the tears come without holding back. However, now it wasn't from fear or sadness, but from Joy and Gratitude that God came through just as He always had and always will!

I have so much to share about this one song, but then this post might become too long. If you haven’t heard it already, please download it and let the words resonate in your spirit if you’re in one waiting period or the other. The video is also really awesome! I end with the words of this song ‘Ebezina'

Ebezina, (... Don't you cry) 
Chukwunonso (God is so close) 
Ọgịnị bụ nsogbu gị? (What is your problem?) 
I mana ọdịghị adịgide (Don't you know that God doesn't TAKE LONG) 
Nwanne muo (My Beloved) 
Jidesie Ya ike (Hold Him TIGHT) 
Hichaa anya gị eh (Wipe your EYES) 
Chukwu adịghị atụ asị (God never lies) 
Ọ ga-adịrị gị mma. (It's gonna be ALRIGHT)


Awww, what a beautiful testimony of God's faithfulness! I don't even know where to start from in terms of talking about the GREAT faithfulness of God. He is able to come through again and again in a very timely manner for us.

Can I be real? Not all days are rosy or happy or hopeful or particularly laughter-filled. Sometimes, all the doubts, fears and anxiety come rushing in and I feel down and out. 

Like Mobolaji encourages us in her post, don't waste your tears in self-pity (You can go ahead and cry to God, because He, more than anyone knows how you feel!), but spend your time encouraging yourself, immersed in God's word (like David did in 1Samuel 30:6), knowing that the God you serve is faithful. 
The time may seem long but by His grace, when the promise does come (because it will!), the period you waited will be as nothing. He will fully wipe your tears and give you dancing instead.

Borrowing some lines from the chorus of Preye's song, I say -  God is so close, Hold Him TIGHT, God never lies, It's going to be ALRIGHT (Really, it will)... :-)

Would you like to share yours too? Remember it could be a song that struck something in you when you listened to it, it could be a song or worship that you used during a down-time in your life and it made a huge difference, it could be a song that takes you into the 'God-zoneee', it could be a song that helps you express what mere words cannot quite convey, it could be a song that brings a zest and zing to your heart and steps whenever it comes up! 

Each song will be accompanied by a story, introduction or reason why it is the choice of the week.. 

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