Thursday, 18 September 2014

30Days of Praise - Day 18 I am because of You

So I'm here today
Because God kept me
I'm alive today
Only because of His grace
Oh He kept me
God kept me
He kept me
So I wouldn't let go

This song has been like my song of the week.. The words are so deep..

Indeed Lord, I acknowledge whole-heartedly that if it weren't for You, I wouldn't be here today. I wouldn't be standing today, I wouldn't have survived all life's lows, I wouldn't be smiling today, I wouldn't be full of joy today.

Lord, if it weren't for You, I would have given up (a long time ago). If it weren't for You, I would have compromised many times over and would still be looking for help or succour somehow, if it weren't for You, I wouldn't look forward to waking up or living.

If it weren't for You, I would have been very afraid of what the future held, I would have been filled with anxiety and worry. If it weren't for You Lord Jesus, life would have swallowed me up.

Thank You Lord because You make life worth living, You give me a brand new opportunity when I fail or fall, You give me the grace to dust myself up and try again, You give me the grace to succeed, You put a spring in my step, You put such inexplicable joy in my heart.

All that I have, all that I would ever hope to have; all that I am, all I could ever hope to be is all because of YOU.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I give You all the praise.

I Almost Let Go - Kurt Carr Singers

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

30Days of Praise - Day 17 ft Isioma Ikediashi

Praise God for another beautiful day!

Today, Isioma leads today's praise.. I'm sure I've mentioned previously that I lovee listening to this lady worship.. Like I said to her, hearing her sing praises to God makes me smile - I wonder how God must feel :-)

Her praise is focused on thanking God for her salvation and she sings a beautiful song by Israel Houghton 'Moving Forward'... Thank You Jesus for making all things new!

PS Don't forget, you can send in your praise expressions - Song, dance, poem, letter, smile, picture.. Anything! #30DaysofPraise

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

30Days of Praise - Day 16 *Age to Age*

Age to Age He stands
And time is in His hands
Beginning and the End.

You are ageless God.. I remember a description of Yours that I was taught in Children's church many years ago - The God who is from Everlasting to Everlasting! You have no beginning and no end - No one can tell where you start and no one could ever know Your end, yet You know the beginning and the end of everything, every matter and everyone.

You are timeless - Relevant yesterday, today and tomorrow. You are ahead of fashion and trends; before they are even conceived, You're done with it!

Time is in Your hands - Only You can determine times and seasons and only with Your permission can it be altered. Only You can make the sun stand still and give an extra day on earth by special request. Only You can make a weeping man at night dance in the morning - time is in Your hands.

Only You can turn around the captivity of a man in split seconds so that it seems as if it were a dream - Time is in Your hands

Only You can bring a promise of years and years to pass within the twinkling of an eye - Time is in Your hands

Only You can restore lost years as if they never happened, and compensate a man for all the lost time - Time is in Your hands

Only You can go back in time and give a glimpse of the future - Our Supernatural 'Time-Machine', Time is in Your hands.

Indeed You are very very great, You have my praise from now to eternity.

How Great is Our God - Hillsong

Monday, 15 September 2014

30Days of Praise - Day 15 *Consuming Fire!*

The God that answers by fire is indeed my God!!

I remember that song and I smile because it reminds me of a time, long ago when You showed that You are the Consuming Fire in HD... Real life.

There was a contest between God and a 'something'.... That something was called Baal.. Unfortunately, people worshipped this something and it even had prophets! Something that was carved by the hands of men was worshipped by the same things that made it.. (Do you get that paradox?!)

Anyway, enough was enough and the Prophet of GOD challenged the prophets of the something to show who was GOD indeed..

The challenge was simple; whoever was God should send down fire from the sky....

So this something's prophets did all they could, shouted, spoke, beat themselves up - all to get it to move.... Alas, something did not show...

Then it was GOD's turn... And boy did He show up and show up BIG!! One of the days that will never be forgotten in history! They dared to take the challenge against our great God! (they forgot that God Himself is fire - remember the burning bush?)

Not only did the fire fall, it was the kind of fire that consumed stones and the kind that licked up water... Like when God shows up, He usually does it in style! Protocols are broken, 'the order of things' wait for permission to happen, He leaves everyone in awe and without a shadow of doubt of who is BOSS, of who has the final say.. Of who is the Sovereign God!

I AM, who can contend with You? What can stand against You? Who is he that says a thing when You have not decreed it?

Take all the glory Lord, yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.. You rock, You reign!

(He Reigns) Our God is an Awesome God - Kirk Franklin

Sunday, 14 September 2014

30Days of Praise - Day 14

Lord today I want to praise You for gifts and talents that you have richly blessed every human being with!

I praise You because You didn't create any single person empty... We are full of You because we are made in Your image. Creativity is in our DNA. You have made us very complete and very unique.

I praise You because it is only a wonderful God that can create wonderful creatures who are diverse, yet collectively amazing!

Thank You for the singers, I hear some people's vocal range and I am like WOW! Father indeed You do mighty things!!

I see how adept some people are at playing instruments and I am like WOW! God, You are truly awesome!

I see how some people can create beauty out of an empty space, a great eye for detail and I remember how You formed this wondrous earth and all that's in it out of nothing. You are amazing God!

I see how people can use their minds and intellects to solve complex problems as if it were A,B,C.. WOW! You are just incredible God!

I see the gifts that you've given some to love and care and be selfless beyond human nature and I know that Your love for us must be immense indeed.

Awesome God... I couldn't even begin to list the inummerable talents and gifts that you so freely bestow on us all and today Lord, I just want to say You are worthy of our praise!

Thank You for not making us empty! You are amazing God!!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

30Days of Praise - Day 13: A Melody of Praise to my King ft Lucie Felix

There are some songs of praise that evoke a particular memory of God.. For instance, when I sing "Darling Jesus, darling Jesus, Oh my darling Jesus You're a wonderful God...." It takes me back to when I was very young and I sang this song, not knowing this darling Jesus nor appreciating the significance of this song that I now love so much! I sing it with a smile today in praise to God who loved me and kept me even when I was ignorant of His existence or love......

Today's praise is led by another beautiful daughter of God and the song that she starts with is nostalgic for me as I remember singing it in praise to God in my early days as a Christian.... As she raises a praise to Her King today with a variety of songs (See if you can recognise them?), I encourage you to also think of your own special song of praise that means something special between you and Your Lord...


You are the Lord, the never changing God

You are the Lord, the ever faithful God

You are the Lord, the mighty One, You are the Lord of hosts

I praise You oh Lord

In my life I see what you are doing. One more time, I lift my hands in praise of Your name

Heavenly Father, I appreciate You; Son of God what a wonder You are; Holy Spirit what a comfort You are.

Almighty God, I praise You for saving me. I adore You for rescuing me from hell. Thank you for taking me out of the miry clay into Your marvellous light. I have joy in my heart today because of You

Thank you Lord for all You've given to me, for all the blessings I cannot see. Thank you Lord for all you've done in my life, for giving me excellent health, for provision, for divine protection, for divine favour, for who you created me to be, for helping me to fulfil your purpose for my life

With a grateful heart, with a song of praise, with an out-stretched arm, I will praise Your name, thank You Lord!!

From my heart Lord, I praise You with these songs:

Revelation Song - Kim Walker (Jesus Culture)

Great are You Lord - Sinach

Friday, 12 September 2014

Dear Daddy - 30Days of Praise (Day 12)

Dear Daddy,

It's me again! :-)

My one and only Lord and Saviour! The Beautiful One that I adore, my Gentleman of Galilee.

My One and only Saviour, my great and awesome Deliverer. My One and only Light and Salvation, The One and Only stronghold of my life. My One and only Assurance, the One that my confidence is totally in. My One and only Messiah, the Anointed One, the only One that atones for my sins.

Thank You for praying for me, for interceding continuously on my behalf. Thank You for giving Your life for me and shedding your blood for me on the cross of Calvary. Your blood set me free from sin and bondage, your blood makes me clean, makes me pure. Your blood is a mark upon me that enables me to boldly come before the throne of grace to obtain mercy. I overcome by your blood!

Thank You for the victory that you have given me in every way. Thank You that You became poor while on earth that I may be rich, thank You because you took painful stripes that I may be healed. Thank You for you took the bruises for my iniquity,thank You for paying the ultimate price that I may go scot free.

Why would I not praise You? Why would I not sing to You? Why would I not rejoice in You? Why would I not give my whole life to You my Father? What could ever be too much to give to You? What could ever be too great to give up for You?

Abraham must have understood a lot more about Your love for him, to have gladly given up his son at Your word. It must have been beyond obedience, I think it was a deep faith in the solidness of your unfailing love.

What joy it is to know You, to worship You, to praise You, to call You Abba Father.

You remain my ONLY God, my only King, my only Lord. No one or nothing comes even close.

Daddy, this song by Your son Nathaniel Bassey whom I love (very platonically :-D) has been on repeat this evening for me and I would just like to make that declaration again loud and clear that Saviour, I have No Other God But You...

Love You always Lord,

One xx

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Conversations with One: Thank God for 'Missed' Opportunities! (30Days of Praise Day 11)

Hello good people of God!!

Welcome to another edition of Conversations with One!!

Basically, Conversations with One is a chat-series on the blog.
Each week, the 1 + TheOne panel (made up of beloved and very wise friends with a variety of personalities) and I bring you snippets of our 'round-table' discussions from a male/female perspective.. We talk about any and every thing!!

Ladies! Have you ever wanted to get into the mind of a guy? (I know I do! lol), and for guys, I bet once in a while you wish you could just read her mind! Well hopefully week after week, we get to bridge that gap!

You can have a look at last week's conversation where in the spirit of the month of Praise, we thanked God for some of the great attributes of our spouses/significant others. You can read it and other previous episodes HERE.

Sooo, this week on Conversations with One, our topic is given by Mr Agbalagba-ski (*phew*) and we ask:

"Is there a relationship that you want to thank God for that didn't start aka 'missed opportunities'?"

Many people are familiar with that famous saying "Every disappointment is a blessing".. More than that, I remember and love Romans 8:28 which says "And we know that ALL things work together for the good of those that are the called and that love God".. 

Sometimes, a particular relationship doesn't quite start (as you may have wanted) / or quite lead to 'forever after' but with the benefit of hindsight, you are able to thank God very much for it.. (Even if at that time it was not a funny situation at all!)..
So let's conver-sate.. As always, we start off the discussion and I hope that you'll join in too by leaving your comments!


Mr NumeroUno: Az in! Ehn! This topic is from Heaven. How do I know? I have been thanking God since yesterday for all the 'bullets I dodged' lol
Az in I cannot thank God enough!
Time is really an interesting teacher. 

Weave-ohh (who remembers that lol)
Mr Agbalagbaski: I totally agree, there's been a lot of times I agree with you bro, too many dodged and misguided bullets..........

I remember one time, there was this girl that I tell you I thought was sent from heaven, as in agbabiaka ooooooo, wolf whistle tinz when we first met (btw I am not telling you where). I tell you, I heard angels singing the Halleluyah Chorus with an Azonto feel to it.........

She ticked all the boxes -
- She is a born-again Christan, so am I,
- She's a worker in church, so am I,
- She's very dedicated, so am I
- She's very Posh, so errrrrmmmmm
- She's very attractive, Errrrmmm pass
- She's very high class, Ermmmmmmm.. To God be the glory lol
When we speak!!!! Eh!!! I tell you this girl makes serious correct sense!!!

Well let's get to the point, I was head over heels or heels over head, you pick one....
We were both very attracted to each other, did what Christians do when you first start talking to someone you kinda are reaallllyyyyy feeeling..
(DID YOU SAY WHAT'S THAT?!!!!!) I no dey Tell!!!!!!!!

I was very SURE of this Girl sha !!!!!!

Well what am I thankful for?

1. That God gave me great Counsellors, My Pastor (Pro 11:14)
2. Though she ticked all MY boxes, our destinies were not the same (1 Cor 6:12)
3. God's perfect will, not his permissive
4. That she's happily married now (to someone else lol)
The list goes on!!!!!!

One: Wow. That's really deep. Thank you very much for sharing this + highlighting lessons learnt and scripture references.  A blessing indeed.

Mr Numero Uno: Thanks Mr Agbalagbaski for the insight. Let me also use a scripture to paint the picture of dodging 7 (hypothetical) bullets, lol.
I'm thankful because like Samuel when he saw Eliab, I would assume SURELY the Lord's anointed is before me, and then God will squash it. And like God told Samuel...Not this one, then After Eliab, Abinadab- Nope! Then Shammah comes along, still NO!
Aka "Where is DAVID?!"
The lesson this story has taught me personally is simple. Even those who hear from God like the Prophet Samuel, can make the wrong assumptions, and may even attempt to anoint the wrong individual. In fact, on 7 occasions, as it was in Samuel's case. (1 Samuel 16:1-13)

I hope somebody springs up thanksgiving from that because, maybe guys have come, and there was this one that was as tall and as handsome as Eliab, and you might have thought, SURELY this is he, and before you say "Jack Robinson", it doesn't work out! And when you get that assurance from within, he is there somewhere, then comes Abinadab, and Shammah, and all the other 4, and it simply appears as though 'the one' is out of sight. I think that deserves thanksgiving because anointing the wrong fellow prematurely could be a recipe for disaster. 

From experience, time has taught me that all that glitters is not gold.
When I look back at who I thought I wanted, or was 'the one' and what I see now, I can't tell you how grateful I am to God for the relationships that never came to be or didn't work out.

One: Can I double 'like' your comment? I am learning a lot from this conversation. Thank you.

Hmmmm.. So even Samuel could miss it too. This made me think about my own Eliabs and Abinadabs. I had thought "SURELY, this is the anointed of the Lord.... Mehn, no prayer point needed.. Just behold the glo-rayyy!" :-)... but God said no.

How could someone this foineee not be God's will for me?? *wink* hehe
Now, imagine if Israel had missed David?! Imagine if the world had missed David?! *Thank YOU Jesus!!*

Ms PYT: Hello people! As far as I can remember, there's really no relationship I wanted real bad that I have to thank God for not working out. The case for me though is that I can actually thank God for relationships that were not worth it all. Thank God I was bold enough to end relationships I was not comfortable with.

One: Thanks a lot for that Ms PYT. That in itself is worthy of thanks - the grace to count your losses and move on. And thank God they cleared the way for hubby too :-)

Any more ladies and gents?

NubianPrincess: Me! Me!! Me!!!

I thank GOD in a hugeeee way for helping me 'dodge the bullet' on two very special occasions!

Both times, it was an almost-instantaneous answer to a heartfelt prayer, and I remember both incidences very clearly!

The first time, I was at Church on a Thursday afternoon. And out of a restlessness in my spirit, I prayed a simple "Please God, if this man is not my husband, please take him away and don't make me feel hurt"... Less than half an hour later, I was single and free... And I went for a party that day. :) Not like I didn't feel the sense of loss, but considering the amount of time we'd spent together, the energy I'd put into the relationship, it was a miracle I didn't feel worse or commit suicide! :) Looking back, I can see how the fellow was all kinds of wrong for ME!

Sometimes it's just too complicated! 
On the second occasion, I prayed during a weekend Church retreat. The prayer went something like "Please God, I really, really, really like this guy! He's saying all the right things and if You don't give me a firm answer by the end of this weekend, I'm going to jump in headfirst and that will be it!"... I got back home on Sunday afternoon, and a few hours after I got home, my phone beeped. It was a text from his "watchamacallit" (that is precisely how she introduced herself), saying we needed to talk urgently. Needless to say, I dodged a canon with that one! :) I was looking back recently - he came back to see if we could start a 'relationship', and the dude was still all kinds of wrong! I'd matured spiritually, emotionally, mentally but he was right where I'd left him... And wasn't particularly interested in growing. (He did have pots of money though!) Loool!

My point? Sometimes, we see a great thing, great packaging like NumeroUno said earlier and we want so badly for this to be him! But sometimes, all we need to do is scratch a little deeper and we see the dude isn't real gold, he's just gold-plated.

I want to encourage every single lady whose heart has been broken at one time or the other and who may feel like her man will never come... Hang in there! God's not sleeping and He's not deaf! Sometimes, He needs to do a work in you and sometimes, He needs to a do a work in your man! Be patient, be happy and be fulfilled... Your God-sent man is on the way! (Sorry One, this was NOT brief!)

MissMe: Hmm Nubian you might have to write a book on all your experiences in life! They are always so on point! :)

The men on this panel are obviously Pastors in the making (if they are not there already!!) Such wonderful, godly perspectives every time!!!!

Right, my relationship-not-proceeded-thanksgiving-prayer-point is during a phase in my life that I'm thinking "Err Me what the heck where you thinking?!". It involved someone that was all manners of wrong. Attitude/habits/direction in life were significantly missing. Like spiritual glasses or not, he was a firm NO. But alas I still tried to pursue. But my God being who He is literally moved me to a different city to save me from making a HUGE mistake!

So I'm definitely thanking God for that "missed opportunity". 

No, don't go there love
One. MissMe, Thank God! By any means possible even if it means a change of location lol. Thank God indeed.

Ms MIA: Ok, you know how God just clears the way for a heavenly blessing and when it happens you're like Wahhhhhh???? Say wahhhh?? Lord na you be dis????

Story goes....
Guy rings me to introduce himself and from the first conversation (which lasted an hour...*bulgingeyes*), I could feel he was making sense at least in the physical sense (My mother says that "the eyes ought to eat before the mouth" - means that I have to like what I see first).
Guy has a great job, very interesting to hear about and he's certainly going places (financially stable- check). He's 6ft tall (height-check). He's 'a good guy', so no drinking, no bad company, likes being at home and cooks (tell me about husband He's very positive about life and an achiever. So I'm there thinking, thank you Lord for sending this one my way!
One week into our 'giggles' and 'get to know' and of course I had started to pray and ask God to categorically say is it or is it not (yes I wanted - 'The Voice'), the character begins to unfold and I'm there looking at the non-negotiables popping out.

I sat there saying, I'm going to be a nice girl and not assume things and give this person a chance to prove me wrong and maybe 'change'? And all the sort that God was probably saying 'Noooooooo' to! Until God SHOUTED! Yes He did.

I rang my friend and sister and gave her the low down, and very typical of her, she asked the deep questions that even I was afraid to think about and next thing she says "NO! He's not the one! Can't you see this and that and don't you hear that and that?". At that moment it was just clear to me. I heard loud and clear!

Thank God that I heard Him and took the decision to 'dodge' because day after, My Promise came.....Yayyyyyyy!

Dancing and singing...'I am grateful oh Lord' :)

Thank God for closed doors and THE open door :-)
Thank God for closed doors too
One: Mehn, I know what it means to ignore all the signs and just try and 'encourage yourself' to just give it a go lol.. Thank God for His mercy that said NO! 

Thank You Jesus. Even when we were stiff-necked and thought "This way or no way", You were still merciful and patient enough to ensure that we got your best. Thank YOU!


What's your story? Do you have an experience you'd like to praise God for too? Please share! xx

"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28)

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

30Days of Praise - Day 10 feat Chinenye Okenwa's Praise!

Hello everyone!

I hope you've still got your praise-attitude on! :-) Praise is such a joyous thing.. The more we praise God, the more joy bubbles in and out of us! It's inexplicable .... The presence of God is so awesome! And praise is a great way to enter right in... Psalm 100:4.

The great thing is that we can praise God in diverse ways.. Look at the trees! The bible says they clap their hands in praise to God.. The birds of the air sing unto the One whose eye is on them! Even heaven declares the glory of the King! How much more you and I... Whatever your expression may be, just give praise to the One that deserves it so.

Today, lovely Chinenye Okenwa leads the praise with a beautiful expression in prose to her Lord::

The angels and the hosts bow down in worship, a whole population of heavenly beings experienced in praise. The elders are impressed by the praise of the Cherubim. The Seraphim love what the arch-angels have to offer today.

No mistakes in the notes or words they offer, first hand they bear witness of what their immortal eyes have beheld for millennia. They have stood in The Awesome Presence for thousands of years and beheld the perfect wondrous Image in all His glory and excellence. They have crafted praise and worship deserving of the Most Excellent. They ever bow, in all their radiance.

Never too busy; never faltering; never complaining. Casting down their crowns and worshipping Him who is worthy. Then a thin reedy voice, faltering in pitch, word and meaning sounds faintly in the heavenly courts… And at once, the attention of the Centre of it all is diverted. The Great One’s Radiance beams even more and the wonder of heaven is pronounced.

The voice rises and falls, breaks, cries, laughs and all through it, the Love of the Highest glows on His face. His adoration, unhidden to all creation. He surely loves this one. For what else could make Him thrilled in this paltry offering, when he has harmonious perfection praise at His eternal back and call? This one that has stumbled and even fallen severally, yet always returns.

Now I’m here, it seems I’m stripped of words. Now I’m here, I awed by raw Majesty,

Now I’m here, in the presence of my King. Now I’m here, before Your Throne.

Now I’m here, worship fills my being. Now I’m here, the words are nowhere here.

Now I’m here, in silence I bow down, overawed by Majesty Divine.

Now I’m here, You speak my language.

The language of my heart. You interpret perfectly, You know and you hear.

The voice of my silence. The sweetness of my Praise to you, not just in words. But in who I am!!!

Who I am, is who You have made. You have made me. You created me. In Your image You created a likeness of You.

First You made me, breathed life in dust…

Then You made me, by Jesus death and life

Then You remade me, a first fruit of Your creation.

And You’ll remake immortality swallowing up my life.

What I have to offer can never compare, what do I know of Immortality or Awesomeness or Holiness or Greatness to offer commensurate praise?

But You delight in what I bring and while I have breathe even when my voice has faded, every exhalation till the last will adore you O Great Father.

Chinenye Okenwa


Remember, you can join in! Send in your own expression of praise to God! It could be a dance, a song, a letter, a poem, prose or a smile! #30DaysofPraise

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

30Days of Praise - Day 9 My Tribute feat Highly Favoured

Hello everyone!

Thank God for another beautiful day! It's the 9th day in the 9th month of the year! It's beautiful to count days, recount experiences and count our blessings. 

I praise God for safety, for joy that is indescribable and for His promise which is ever reassuring.. What are you grateful for?

Highly Favoured who has a truly fabulous and inspirational blog at and whom I fondly refer to as HF leads today's Praise!


God has been Faithful to me. Through all the battles, storms, hurricanes, tsunamis (!) that has crossed my path in life, God has remained a constant Provider, Deliverer, Comforter, Way-maker, Door opener, Defender....I could go on an on with descriptive words and this post would never end. God has been all that and MUCH more to this undeserving sinner. Because of God's overwhelming care towards me, words are not enough to fully express my thanks.

The lyrics to the song below expresses my feelings:

My Tribute (To God be the Glory) - Andrae Crouch

How can I say thanks for the things
You have done for me?
Things so undeserved yet you gave
To prove your love for me
The voices of a million angels
Could not express my gratitude
All that I am, and ever hope to be
I owe it all to thee

To God be the glory, to God be the glory
To God be the glory for the things He has done
With His blood He has saved me
With His power He has raised me
To God be the glory for the things He has done

Just let me live my life and
Let it be pleasing lord to thee
And if I gain any praise, let it go to Calvary
With his blood He has saved me
With his power he has raised me
To God be the glory for the things He has done

My Tribute performed by Nicole C Mullen

Monday, 8 September 2014

30Days of Praise - Day 8 Praising in Advance

The talk was so intriguing that people sat enraptured by the wisdom that spewed from the mouth of this great man. He spoke mere words but there was nothing 'mere' about those words. They were so soft, yet so powerful. One could almost feel the piercing of the words on one's heart.The words that proceeded out of His mouth seemed to come alive in the hearts of the people gathered.

And oh what a gathering! Men, women, children, families all gathered from far and near to hear what this Gentleman had to say! Time passed and none was the wiser, all that mattered was to sit and listen to the amazing words that this man spoke! His words were also followed by great acts! Wow! He could be referred to as the 'Wonder Wonder' - Double wonder, because one 'wonder' was not enough to describe His Wonderfulness!

Men followed, women joined quickly with their babies in tow. They thought in their hearts "Perhaps this Wonder-Wonder would solve my problems today too!"

Now, it was obvious that these people were hungry! The crowd was great, and for some, the distance to their homes was greater. The Compassionate One could not allow them go away hungry, so He turned to His companions and asked for the closest place to get some food to feed the crowd of people.

They must have thought in their minds "Huh? Food?! For this amount of people?! Which money? Which store?!", knowing not that Wonder-Wonder had a plan!

However, one who had seen Him turn a fruitless night catching (or not catching) fish to a mighty success of abundant catch in a matter of minutes, offered what was available.. "There is a lad here who has five barley loaves and and two small fish..." he said.

Others might have been privately smh-ing, rme-ing and every other acronym-ing possible.. "How on earth?!"

However, Wonder-Wonder took it, gave thanks and afterwards shared to His close companions, who shared to all. Yes, Every.Single.One.of.the.Crowd.Gathered! They ALL ate and more than that, to the fullest, and even more than that, had 12 baskets-full remaining!

(You can read the full account yourself in John 6:1-15)

In this month of 30Days of Praise, I know it may be easier or more convenient to praise God when things are good or even alright. When prayers are answered here and there or requests have been given the green light by our Awesome God. Thanking God for victories won and desires met comes almost naturally!

But what happens when what you have isn't what you asked for? Or the situation you're in is less than ideal? Or the issue seems nigh impossible? Or people have explained to you in very clear and factual terms why it cannot happen?

Like our Wonder-Wonder, take what you have, give thanks for it and watch it multiply!

When you thank God for what you have, it will multiply to more than meet your need, you will be satisfied and have surplus too!

Things not looking so great? What better time than to focus on and thank God for what you do have! There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

Let's do it today:

Lord, even though I am not where I want to be at this time in my life, I look at me now and I see Your GREAT hand - Thank YOU Jesus.

Lord, for those waiting on You for that dream job, and one way or the other can still afford to survive - Thank YOU Jehovah Jireh

Lord, for those waiting on You for the money to meet that need, but one way on the other can lift their hands to work, the mouth to ask and their ears to receive phone calls of joy - Thank YOU Centre of our Joy.

Lord, for those who have been disappointed one way or the other but still have life to hope for another day - Thank YOU our Hope of Glory.

Lord for those who want to get married (like yesterday), however still have men/women alive walking on the street - Thank YOU our Bridegroom!

Lord for those who desire children, and can still caress their spouses - Thank YOU God of Abraham (Sarah), Isaac (Rebekah) and Jacob (Rachel)!

Lord for those who have an unrealised dream and can still have a mind to imagine and means to work - Thank YOU God of Joseph!

We could go on and on Lord and truly see that in EVERY situation you remain God and you are worthy of thanksgiving and praise!

Thank You because we know that in giving thanks, You are gracious and kind enough to do even more! THANK YOU!

Praise Him in Advance - Marvin Sapp (I Love This Song!)

Have you gone through a difficult time when you still praised God through it? What happened? Please share your praise-story with us, to the glory of the Most High God! xx

30Days of Praise - Day 7: How Great Thou Art! (Moboloaji Amusu)

I love hymns! There's just something about singing hymns to God that stirs me deep inside. I believe hymns are inspired by the Holy Spirit and the words are deep, very deep, like the Psalms of David.

I pray that in my lifetime, I would be able to pen a (or many) hymns of praise to the glory of my King!

One of my favourite hymns is 'How Great Thou Art'. That hymn expresses the awesome wonder of our Great God through the wonders of His great creation.  The first verse goes thus.....

Oh Lord My God
When I in awesome wonder
Consider all
The works thy hands hath made
I see the stars
I hear the roaring thunder
Your Power througout
The Universe displayed

Hmmm.. When you and I take a moment out of the hustle and bustle of life to deeply consider the world, the galaxy and the universe, or to open our eyes and really SEE our surroundings, we don't need any more convincing that God's not dead, He's alive and He is such a MIGHTY GOD!

... Lord, I take a moment to consider the clouds, the majestic nature of it. We settle for blue but no known colour could truly describe it! How great thou art!

We consider the sun, the moon and the stars, and we just stand amazed at how 'things' hang suspended in the sky with no visible hold, and give light that nothing else could compare. How great thou art!

We consider the lightning and thunder.. We see streaks of light and hear loud, rumbling noise.. It astounds us Lord.. Indeed how great thou art!

We consider the great mountains and hills, the elements that were there before us and will remain long after us.. The magnificence of them and we can't but say - How great thou art!

We could go on and on Great God.. And your daughter Mobolaji Amusu captures it beautifully:

..... So I was sitting in the car at the mechanic's workshop and I look at the sky and guess what I see? You'll see it in the picture below. My God is wonderful. Everything He created is beautiful. Beautiful beyond comprehension. The sun, the moon, the stars, the sky, the earth, you, me....everything is beautiful!

Isn't God just absolutely great? Look at that!

Indeed Lord, How great thou art!

When you have a glimpse of the glory of the King through the work of nature, you can't help but stand in awe and say Lord, How Great thou Art!